E-Box School

How To Enrol

  1. We understand that students will offer different aspects of the complete curricula at a point in time. Therefore, we have divided the complete curricula of each subject into lessons which you can enrolled into as individual courses and as grouped courses.
  2. To enrol for a course, you should click Add To Enrolment button of the desired course and follow the instructions until you finish selecting all the courses you want to enrol into.
  3. You can also select Enrol Now button of the desired course if you are only enrolling into one course.
  4. Click Checkout when you finish selecting all the courses that you are enrolling into.
  5. At the Shopping Cart payment page enter all the required information and proceed to payment.
  6. You can make payments with your bank debit or credit cards.
  7. Then check your email for your registration and course login details.